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I am so excited to introduce to you, the first book of my new series “Goat Tails”! I hope that you will giggle your way through these whimsical tails...as I did when I wrote them. But in addition to the laughs...I have tried to present simple truths about the guiding hand of our loving God, so that children and adults alike can grow. I will be writing a blog to expand upon these concepts and I invite you to participate. I look forward to hearing from you!

Goat Tails Series

Scruffy Finds His Way by P

Scruffy Finds His Way

Goat Tails are a series of stories all about life on our family farm in Manitowaning. Join with us as we share the entertaining and crazy antics of all the critters that occupied that farm . . . especially the goats.

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In our second book, Scruffy the kid arrives back from his BIG adventure. The lost had been found, but would he be welcomed or was it Pen Prison for him again? Scruffy had been in trouble so many times in the past that he began to have doubts. Sure the Maker loved him . . . but did everyone else?

Imagine his surprise when he was greeted at the fence by a churning, hopping, squawking sea of excitement, all straining to get a look at him! Wow, he was a superstar!

Now Available