StoryTime with Mama and Papa – Chapter 1 – Scruffy Beginnings

Chapter 1 – Scruffy Beginnings

Question Time with Mama

Part 1- Comprehension                               

 Name:_________________    Telephone: ______________     

  • Answer the questions below and email your answers to – don’t forget to put your name and telephone # on the question sheet!
  • Every person that sends in their answers will be entered in a draw to win a free book!
  1.   What type of animal is Scruffy?_________________________________________
  2.   What is a baby goat called? ____________________________________________
  3. What special building did the Family Farm have?  __________________________ 
  4. Who lived on the Family Farm? __________________________________________
  5. What other critters were born? _________________________________________
  6. Which animal had the longest legs? _____________________________________
  7.   What is a baby horse called?___________________________________________
  8. What did Hobby have trouble doing when he was newly born? ______________
  9.   Which animals had the shortest legs? ___________________________________
  10.   What are goats made for?_____________________________________________

Part 2 – Activities

  • Send me a picture of your drawing of the Family Farm and of Scruffy
  • The best picture will be posted on my website…for all to see!
  1.   Imagine that the Family Farm was your home.

Draw a picture of your farm, include one other animal that you would have there.

  1.   Nellie Nanny said, “that she hoped that Scruffy would grow up to be the       special Scruff that the Maker had designed him to be.”

  Draw a picture of something that made Scruffy special.



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