StoryTime with Mama and Papa-chapter 3-part 1



1- What were the names of the Scruffkids?

2- How do goats “look” at things?

3- what was Billyboy trying to do in the barnyard?

4- What did the Maker design Scruffy to do?

5- Why did it matter that Scruffy got himself and his friends in trouble?

6- Why did Scruffy shake his head when the “little voice” spoke to him?

7- How did Papa and Billyboy find out about the goats escaping from the barnyard?


1- Think about the “little voice” that spoke to Scruffy. List the type of things the voice would say.

2-Draw a picture of a time when you decided to do something you shouldn’t have done- put a “speech bubble” and write down what the “ little voice” would have said to you.

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