StoryTime with Mama and Papa – chapter 4- part 1

Chapter 4 – part 1


  1. What happened to Scruffy as a result of all his goat mischief?
  2. Did Scruffy’s mischief affect others? How?
  3. Did Papa leave Scruffy behind on purpose as a punishment?
  4. Why did Scruffy jump out of Mama’s arms?
  5. Where did Scruffy run?
  6. Why did Scruffy hide in the forest when everyone was looking for him?


  1. Draw a page of pictures showing the goats going for a walk, Scruffy being carried by Mama up the field, Scruffy jumping out of Mama’s arms, Scruffy being chased by the golfers and Scruffy hiding by the old dead log.

Remember to send your answers to or on my contact page of the website to get entered into a draw for a book or to have your work posted to the website!

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