Who is your friend?


Hi Everyone;

Today, I want to consider friends. In particular, the friends that we can go to when disaster strikes. My husband, Bob is my best friend. Throughout our 48 years of marriage, we have had tons of adventures…some fun, some really scary. He’s the one person that I would call…go running to when disaster strikes.

Who is the first person that you would call?  Your parents, your siblings, your neighbour, your donkey (cat, dog or guinea pig)? Who?

In my latest story, “Disaster! Around the Bend”, I tell the tale of a young girl, whose best friend, her most important confidant is a pet donkey. She would tell all her deepest secrets, her wildest ideas, her saddest events to him, first. Why? Well, because he has all the qualities of a great friend…he is a great listener, he accepts her as she is, he is always available, he never betrays her trust, he never shows disapproval and he never scolds her- likely because, as a donkey, he can’t really speak. I have a dog that I, also talk to; who has the very same characteristics as this donkey, and I can assure you that he doesn’t always give me good advise (not in words, but in looks and actions).Like when I’m a little turned around (aka- lost) in the bush and I ask him to show me the way home. More often than not, he leads me astray, following some rabbit trail…totally unhelpful in getting home. And while, he doesn’t exactly talk, the looks he gives me, clearly proclaim, that if I am dumb enough to follow him, surely I deserved to be more lost than I was to begin with! A prime example of the necessity of choosing better friends!

Yet, while it might seem perfect to have a critter or a friend that wouldn’t voice their opinion of our actions, I think that most of us value friends, whose opinions are based on love and respect, who are there to help us sort out / live through our disasters. Like I appreciate, Bob’s wise counsel…even though it might make me feel uncomfortable at the time. I know, that his words come from love…from a desire to help me.

Well, the Bible tells us that God is an even better friend, than my husband or my dog…He is the perfect friend. He is all knowing, all wise, mighty in power, all loving, all caring and always available. While He doesn’t always choose to remove my disasters, because my disasters help me to grow, He does promise to be with me, always. An ever present help in trouble. He’s the best friend that I have. He loves me and you beyond understanding.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

John 15:13

Now…that’s a friend! Tap into that friendship, today…don’t wait for the disasters of tomorrow.

Until next time…Lynn

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