About the Author



Lynn is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a pharmacist, a storyteller and a Christian, living and working in Northern Ontario. Life on the farm has helped each member of Lynn’s family to grow in so many different ways. Perhaps the most profound growth has been spiritual, as the whole family has marvelled at the amazing world that our loving God has made. How wonderful it is that God has designed each person and critter for a special purpose . . . no mistakes and no misfits.

In addition to the stories about life on the Family Farm, Lynn has also written two other books that describe many of the adventures that she has experienced. The first book: “Stuck on the Rocks, Again” is mostly about canoeing adventures and the second book: “Finding His Way” is about her propensity to get lost!

All of her books highlight simple truths that she has discovered…that can be applied to our lives. It’s these truths that Lynn seeks to share through the stories she writes.