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**My thoughts**
In an age where we are inundated with superheroes, it’s kind of nice to have a story that talks about what a superhero actually is. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Marvel. But you have to look beyond the superhuman feats that these characters perform and into who they are within, what kinds of morals they value. And this story seeks to teach children to look within to be a super person that way.
This is the second story in the series and it sounds like our little friend had quite the adventure in the first one. We don’t get too much detail about what happened in that first story, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy reading this one. Though you may want to go back and read the first one after this one.
It does have a biblical focus that ties into its lessons. So this would be good to discuss with a small church group or even at home with your elementary-aged children. The cover does make it look like it’s more of a picture book geared toward younger children, but it is a sort of mini chapter book.
Scruff learns his lesson as he tries (and fails) to perform superhuman [supergoat?] feats to impress the other animals on the farm. Kids will get a kick out of reading those.
The only part I didn’t care for was when he ran away in fear from his mother, who was upset with him, “rolling pin in hand.” That’s not something that most people would use for discipline these days. But of course, she doesn’t use it on him.
Otherwise, I think kids will enjoy this story and learn a lot from it.

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My Review

SuperScruff Goat Tails is a book that teaches a lesson that all children need to learn. This Christian children’s book is a chapter book that tells children some goat tales about a goat named Scruffy. Scruffy is a young goat who is full of himself and wants to be a super hero. He tends to get in trouble and one day he gets lost. When he survives and comes back to the barnyard, the other animals are all so happy that he made it back. He responds with more arrogance and decides that he needs to show off with some super skills.

When he totally fails at all the super hero skills, he becomes upset and feels dejected. His mother speaks to him and tries to convince him that being super is not about showing out, but being a servant to others. But, will Scruffy learn his lesson?

SuperScruff- reviewed by Fabulous and Brunette


This book was such a fun, exciting, amusing, and entertaining children’s book!!!

This book is also filled with strong, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging passages that appropriately fit, stimulate, and appeal to young readers.

This book also contains Christian religious themes with actual verses incorporated into the story.

I also loved the fun, adorable, brightly colored illustrations that truly complimented the story and were a joy to follow along with!!

This book is Book Two in the Goat Tails Book Series.


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  1. Scruffy is a loveable character that warms your heart through his antics and mischievous nature. ♥️ My kids loved this book. I loved that it tells the story of a God that loves us through our struggles.
  2. Marie Blair Campbell

    Reviewed in Canada on May 3, 2021

    In Scruffy Finds His Way, P. Lynn Halliday uses her barnyard experience to weave a delightful tale about a young adventure seeking goat. Scruffy learns that life on the farm is not as simple as it seems. The smooth-flowing children’s story is filled with lessons about differences, leadership, conscience, loss and recovery. It’s a fine book to read to young children. All levels of readers will enjoy it. Scruffy Finds His Way has many tales of tails to tell. Illustrations by Jupiters Muse give the pages jump.