St. Mary’s Students learn life Lessons from Scruffy


Scruffy Finds His Way by


Scruffy sends a big goaty “nudge” to all the children of Mrs. Howe’s grade 2/3 class for reading his book and finding the lessons!!  Well done EVERYONE and thank you!

What we learned from Scruffy Mrs. Howe’s grade 2/3 class

Lo: You should never do something that you are not allowed to do. If you do, you will have some sort of consequence. Scruffy says…”some of the consequences are baaaaa…d!

Wa: There are natural consequences, like falling through the chicken coop or getting “bit” by the electric fence. Or, you might get punished, like being put in a time out.  Scruffy says…”oh my but that chicken coop was stinky…never fall in one!”

Ch; God has a plan for everybody Scruffy says…”it’s so nice that God plans for kids (goats and humans)”

O: It’s ok to be who you are! We are all unique and God created us in His image, which means that we are PERFECT! Scruffy says…”and I thought that only my mom thought that I was perfect…everyone else thinks I am too scruffy and baaaaa…d. Nice that God  agrees with Mom”

C E.: When people love us, they will forgive us even when we mess up. God will also forgive us. Scruffy says…”it is nice to be able to start over every day…forgiven”

M: No matter what happens, your family will always love you! Scruffy says…”even if I’m baaaaa…d my Mom and the Scruffkids always loved me, so does God…I never need to feel rejected”

C: If everyone was the same, life would be boring. If we tried to play a game, it would always a tie. Scruffy says…”That is really true…I’ve never been boring…God made all of us special and interesting.”

A: If we need help, we should ask for help. Praying to God is a good idea! Scruffy says…”I forget this part sometimes…so God continues to teach me how much I need Him.”

StoryTime with Mama and Papa – chapter 4 – Part 2


Chapter 4- Part 2


  1. What did the “Little Voice” say to Scruffy while he was hiding?
  2. What did Papa do to find Scruffy? Did he ever give up?
  3. What did this scary adventure teach Scruffy?
  4. When we do bad things, does the maker still love us?


  1. Write a story about your imaginary Family Farm. Tell about an adventure that one of your own critters had…include goats if you can. One page only!

Send your answers to or my website for the chance to win a book or to have your work posted on my webpage!

StoryTime with Mama and Papa – chapter 4- part 1

Chapter 4 – part 1


  1. What happened to Scruffy as a result of all his goat mischief?
  2. Did Scruffy’s mischief affect others? How?
  3. Did Papa leave Scruffy behind on purpose as a punishment?
  4. Why did Scruffy jump out of Mama’s arms?
  5. Where did Scruffy run?
  6. Why did Scruffy hide in the forest when everyone was looking for him?


  1. Draw a page of pictures showing the goats going for a walk, Scruffy being carried by Mama up the field, Scruffy jumping out of Mama’s arms, Scruffy being chased by the golfers and Scruffy hiding by the old dead log.

Remember to send your answers to or on my contact page of the website to get entered into a draw for a book or to have your work posted to the website!

StoryTime with Mama and Papa…the Contest!!

Scruffy Finds His Way by

Calling all students and teachers, parents and kids!!!

Join the challenge…enter the StoryTime with Mama and Papa contest!

Contest Rules:

Part 1…answer the questions.

  1. Listen to the story
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Send your replies to
  4. Everyone who sends in a reply will be entered in a draw to win a free book!

Part 2 …do the activities

  1. Draw the pictures or make a video…whatever the listed activity for each chapter is.
  2. Send your pictures or video to
  3. I will post the best pictures and videos to my website…you’ll be famous…cause everyone will see your work online!

Challenge another class or family to compete with you to see which one will get the most stuff posted to my website. Even though you are separated from your friends and classmates…you can still have fun together. 

Let the “StoryTime with Mama and Papa” just be the first of many online activities that you can do together.  Have fun!  Lynn

StoryTime with Mama and Papa – chapter 3 – part 2

Questions- Chapter 3 – part 2

  1. Was Scruffy concerned about doing stuff that Mama and Papa didn’t like? Why?
  2. Why did Papa put an electric fence around the pasture?
  3. Why does the Maker sometimes let bad things happen to us.?
  4. Describe a time when you did something that your Mom had told you not to do. What happened? did you get into trouble? Did your Mom still love you?


  1. Draw a picture of Mr. Ram and the sheep all hopping together.
  2. Draw a picture of Scruffy breaking out of the pasture fence – show a speech bubble that says, “Yikes, it bites.”
  3. Write a little story about some of the mischief that Scruffy and the Scruffkids did when they broke out of the pasture fence.


StoryTime with Mama and Papa-chapter 3-part 1



1- What were the names of the Scruffkids?

2- How do goats “look” at things?

3- what was Billyboy trying to do in the barnyard?

4- What did the Maker design Scruffy to do?

5- Why did it matter that Scruffy got himself and his friends in trouble?

6- Why did Scruffy shake his head when the “little voice” spoke to him?

7- How did Papa and Billyboy find out about the goats escaping from the barnyard?


1- Think about the “little voice” that spoke to Scruffy. List the type of things the voice would say.

2-Draw a picture of a time when you decided to do something you shouldn’t have done- put a “speech bubble” and write down what the “ little voice” would have said to you.

StoryTime with Mama and Papa – Chapter 1 – Scruffy Beginnings

Chapter 1 – Scruffy Beginnings

Question Time with Mama

Part 1- Comprehension                               

 Name:_________________    Telephone: ______________     

  • Answer the questions below and email your answers to – don’t forget to put your name and telephone # on the question sheet!
  • Every person that sends in their answers will be entered in a draw to win a free book!
  1.   What type of animal is Scruffy?_________________________________________
  2.   What is a baby goat called? ____________________________________________
  3. What special building did the Family Farm have?  __________________________ 
  4. Who lived on the Family Farm? __________________________________________
  5. What other critters were born? _________________________________________
  6. Which animal had the longest legs? _____________________________________
  7.   What is a baby horse called?___________________________________________
  8. What did Hobby have trouble doing when he was newly born? ______________
  9.   Which animals had the shortest legs? ___________________________________
  10.   What are goats made for?_____________________________________________

Part 2 – Activities

  • Send me a picture of your drawing of the Family Farm and of Scruffy
  • The best picture will be posted on my website…for all to see!
  1.   Imagine that the Family Farm was your home.

Draw a picture of your farm, include one other animal that you would have there.

  1.   Nellie Nanny said, “that she hoped that Scruffy would grow up to be the       special Scruff that the Maker had designed him to be.”

  Draw a picture of something that made Scruffy special.