Life Lessons from Scruffy-4


Life Lessons from Scruffy- 4



When people look at you…what do they see? Do they see a strong, confident person, who is well turned out? Or do they see a Miss Messy or Mr. Mussedup who looks like they just rolled out of bed?

 Well…we all know that whatever outward appearance we show to those around us…it seldom fully reflects the inward person. That inward space…is our personal perception of ourselves that we seldom show to the world. Why don’t we show this? I think that most of us are afraid to reveal what we are really like on the inside…afraid of what people might think…afraid of how it will impact relationships…perhaps even jobs or our futures…so we hide it behind our chosen mask.

 Well, Scruffy…the curious, willful leader of the Scruffkids…the terror of the barnyard and renowned trouble maker…was afraid on the inside. He had begun to realize that Mama, Papa and Billyboy might not like him anymore because of his antics…that the other barnyard critters despised him for the trouble that he had caused…that no one really, really loved him, or so he though. Alone and lost…he despaired!

 We live in a world full of people like Scruffy…children that feel unloved…adults that feel that way, too. But here is the Good News of Scruffy Finds His Way

God loves us…no matter what we do!

God’s love is unending and unfailing!

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Son, that whosoever believes in Him…shall not perish”

John 3:16

 Life Lesson # 4 – we are all loved!


Life Lessons From Scruffy-3


Do you have a group of friends that you hang around with? I think that most of us have…but did you consider that we often also have people around us that are not part of our regular group of friends but are sitting at the sidelines watching what we do?

 I work as a pharmacist and spend most of my time in the public eye. It amazes me when people come in for their prescriptions and casually mention something that they have seen me do or have knowledge of about my “home life.” Here is an example;

 I remember being temporarily “lost” on a short kayak trip to Aird island just a little ways out from the Spanish Marina in the North Channel. That day, the waves built up and my friend and I chose a wrong channel around an island and got a little misplaced   ( not really lost). My husband was anxiously waiting for us to join him at this island and after a few hours got worried enough to call the coast guard…who then went searching for us! Well…long story, short – we were found, safe and sound!

 Well…here’s the point. By the time we got back to Spanish the next day…all my neighbours and people I didn’t even really know…knew that I had been lost!! (and teased me about it, mercilessly) People had been watching…how weird is that?

 What occurred to me after that day was that if I was watched…then I had better make sure that my actions reflected my beliefs. I had the potential to lead people the wrong way. Scary!

Scruffy is a picture of us. He had a loyal gang…the Scruffkids, that did whatever he did! He knew that they followed him, indeed he encouraged them to do so…but he did not take his responsibilities to lead well, seriously…do we?

 Life Lesson #3 – We influence more people than we realize…lead well!















Life Lessons from Scruffy- 1


Life Lessons from Scruffy- 1


Have you ever been “caught in the act”? You know…doing something that you knew in your heart that you were not supposed to do?

I think…if we are honest that most of us have had this happen. How did it make you feel? Guilty? Ashamed? Goatish? I think that most of us would have felt some uncomfortable feeling like that. But why? Why if our lives are our own to do with as we wish…would we feel bad?

 Well…that is the point. We were made…designed for a higher purpose then just to please ourselves. The Maker (God) has made us to serve Him and to serve others. He shapes us…through these moments in life to be people of His character…for His purposes.

 Scruffy is a little goat…who is a “picture” of a child, full of curiosity and impish actions…yet the Maker is interested in His growth because He has a life plan for him.

Life Lesson #1God is interested in each of us!


Life Lessons from Scruffy -2



Have you ever been stuck in the mud? Oh, I don’t mean literally like Scruffy but metaphorically?

Well, I think that if we were honest we would have to admit that we have been caught at some point in our lives somewhere where we should not be.

 I, furthermore, think that we sometimes decide to willfully do things that we shouldn’t…exclaiming in our hearts, “I’m going to do this despite the consequences!” We have a “thoughtful” disregard for the possible outcomes because we really, really want to do this thing…whatever it is.

 Well, Scruffy is a picture of us! He really wanted to prove that he was someone special, who had super-duper hopping power. His feelings had just been hurt when he couldn’t hop as fast as Hobby could run…so he had to prove himself…the end result…Stuck in the mud…looking worse than ever! Oh, the shame of it!

 All of us, have a will of our own and are capable of doing willful acts that often lead to trouble.

The Maker tries to teach us to resist these urges…to aim for what is good…to bend our will to His…but we often resist.

 Life Lesson #2 – We all have willful hearts…but the Maker loves us still.









StoryTime with Mama and Papa – chapter 4 – Part 2


Chapter 4- Part 2


  1. What did the “Little Voice” say to Scruffy while he was hiding?
  2. What did Papa do to find Scruffy? Did he ever give up?
  3. What did this scary adventure teach Scruffy?
  4. When we do bad things, does the maker still love us?


  1. Write a story about your imaginary Family Farm. Tell about an adventure that one of your own critters had…include goats if you can. One page only!

Send your answers to or my website for the chance to win a book or to have your work posted on my webpage!

StoryTime with Mama and Papa – chapter 4- part 1

Chapter 4 – part 1


  1. What happened to Scruffy as a result of all his goat mischief?
  2. Did Scruffy’s mischief affect others? How?
  3. Did Papa leave Scruffy behind on purpose as a punishment?
  4. Why did Scruffy jump out of Mama’s arms?
  5. Where did Scruffy run?
  6. Why did Scruffy hide in the forest when everyone was looking for him?


  1. Draw a page of pictures showing the goats going for a walk, Scruffy being carried by Mama up the field, Scruffy jumping out of Mama’s arms, Scruffy being chased by the golfers and Scruffy hiding by the old dead log.

Remember to send your answers to or on my contact page of the website to get entered into a draw for a book or to have your work posted to the website!

StoryTime with Mama and Papa…the Contest!!

Scruffy Finds His Way by

Calling all students and teachers, parents and kids!!!

Join the challenge…enter the StoryTime with Mama and Papa contest!

Contest Rules:

Part 1…answer the questions.

  1. Listen to the story
  2. Answer the questions
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  4. Everyone who sends in a reply will be entered in a draw to win a free book!

Part 2 …do the activities

  1. Draw the pictures or make a video…whatever the listed activity for each chapter is.
  2. Send your pictures or video to
  3. I will post the best pictures and videos to my website…you’ll be famous…cause everyone will see your work online!

Challenge another class or family to compete with you to see which one will get the most stuff posted to my website. Even though you are separated from your friends and classmates…you can still have fun together. 

Let the “StoryTime with Mama and Papa” just be the first of many online activities that you can do together.  Have fun!  Lynn


This lovely review was posted on Amazon!! Thank you so much for your kind words!  If you have read my book…a review would be appreciated, so that more people will be encouraged to take a look!

  1. Scruffy is a loveable character that warms your heart through his antics and mischievous nature. ♥️ My kids loved this book. I loved that it tells the story of a God that loves us through our struggles.
  2. Marie Blair Campbell

    Reviewed in Canada on May 3, 2021

    In Scruffy Finds His Way, P. Lynn Halliday uses her barnyard experience to weave a delightful tale about a young adventure seeking goat. Scruffy learns that life on the farm is not as simple as it seems. The smooth-flowing children’s story is filled with lessons about differences, leadership, conscience, loss and recovery. It’s a fine book to read to young children. All levels of readers will enjoy it. Scruffy Finds His Way has many tales of tails to tell. Illustrations by Jupiters Muse give the pages jump.


StoryTime with Mama and Papa – chapter 3 – part 2

Questions- Chapter 3 – part 2

  1. Was Scruffy concerned about doing stuff that Mama and Papa didn’t like? Why?
  2. Why did Papa put an electric fence around the pasture?
  3. Why does the Maker sometimes let bad things happen to us.?
  4. Describe a time when you did something that your Mom had told you not to do. What happened? did you get into trouble? Did your Mom still love you?


  1. Draw a picture of Mr. Ram and the sheep all hopping together.
  2. Draw a picture of Scruffy breaking out of the pasture fence – show a speech bubble that says, “Yikes, it bites.”
  3. Write a little story about some of the mischief that Scruffy and the Scruffkids did when they broke out of the pasture fence.