Hi everyone and welcome to my Goat Tails blog

Let me introduce myself…my name is Patricia Lynn Halliday…but most folks call me Lynn. I am married to Bob and have 3 children…who are now adults, with children of their own! Our grandchildren call us “Mama and Papa”. My husband and I currently live on a lovely farm near the little town of Massey, in Northern Ontario.

The Goat Tails Series is all about life on the Family Farm…but not our farm in Massey but another farm on Manitoulin Island. It was located near the small town of Manitowaning. It, too was a lovely farm with green pastures, a wooded area crisscrossed with winding paths, a little maple grove with a small pond and a lovely old century barn surrounded by snake rail fences.

We filled this farm with critters! We had horses, sheep, goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens, a donkey, and a sheep dog…who actually thought he was a pig dog, because he kept herding our neighbour’s pigs! It was a great growing place for the whole family…as we learned to love and care for the animals and each other. We had tons of fun working together on that farm! We watched as our children as they hatched plots, created games and played with the animals. And we watched with amazement as the goats seemed to do exactly the same things! We marveled at how similar they were to our children…they were all made for fun!

Hence one of the reasons for writing Goat Tails was to share the goat fun with you…to put a smile on your faces as you imagine what it was like. But that was only one of the reasons for writing…the other reason was to share  a picture with you of how wonderful God…our Maker is…who created these delightful creatures…and us. To share…some of the truths that He has displayed to us, through the farm.

Each story in this series has an important lesson to share…lessons that …if understood and accepted, will help us to live full, confident lives.

Book 1 – Scruffy Finds His Way introduces you to our little kid, Scruffy, who is always getting into trouble…mostly because he is so curious…a lot like children! Eventually his antics land him and his pals in Pen Prison and he finds himself very unpopular! This makes him question if anyone still loves him? This question is answered in the final chapter…which happens to be a real non-fiction adventure from our Family Farm. Find out how Scruffy Finds His Way and if “real love” is impacted by what we do!

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