StoryTime with Mama and Papa- chapter 2

Part 1- Comprehension
1- What was Scruffy going to show Hobby?

2- How hard did Scruffy try to catch Hobby?

3- Why was Scruffy mad and sad after he played with Hobby?

4- Why didn’t the Maker make Scruffy as fast as Hobby?

5- Does that make Scruffy inferior to Hobby?

6- Why did Scruffy feel better when his Mom told him that the
maker had made him special in a different way than Hobby?

7-What happened Scruffy in the pig pen?

8-Was Scruffy inferior to the piglets because he got stuck in the mud?

9-How did Scruffy get out of the mud?

10-What wasn’t Scruffy made for?

Answer the questions and send them in to enter a draw for a free book!

Part 2- Activities
1- Try revving up to Super-kid-hopping-speed and hop around the room- get an adult to send a video to me – best video to be posted on my website
2-Draw a picture showing how the Maker made you special – add a caption that tells what makes you special- send me the picture – best will be posted!

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