Life Lessons from Scruffy- 1


Life Lessons from Scruffy- 1


Have you ever been “caught in the act”? You know…doing something that you knew in your heart that you were not supposed to do?

I think…if we are honest that most of us have had this happen. How did it make you feel? Guilty? Ashamed? Goatish? I think that most of us would have felt some uncomfortable feeling like that. But why? Why if our lives are our own to do with as we wish…would we feel bad?

 Well…that is the point. We were made…designed for a higher purpose then just to please ourselves. The Maker (God) has made us to serve Him and to serve others. He shapes us…through these moments in life to be people of His character…for His purposes.

 Scruffy is a little goat…who is a “picture” of a child, full of curiosity and impish actions…yet the Maker is interested in His growth because He has a life plan for him.

Life Lesson #1God is interested in each of us!


Life Lessons from Scruffy -2



Have you ever been stuck in the mud? Oh, I don’t mean literally like Scruffy but metaphorically?

Well, I think that if we were honest we would have to admit that we have been caught at some point in our lives somewhere where we should not be.

 I, furthermore, think that we sometimes decide to willfully do things that we shouldn’t…exclaiming in our hearts, “I’m going to do this despite the consequences!” We have a “thoughtful” disregard for the possible outcomes because we really, really want to do this thing…whatever it is.

 Well, Scruffy is a picture of us! He really wanted to prove that he was someone special, who had super-duper hopping power. His feelings had just been hurt when he couldn’t hop as fast as Hobby could run…so he had to prove himself…the end result…Stuck in the mud…looking worse than ever! Oh, the shame of it!

 All of us, have a will of our own and are capable of doing willful acts that often lead to trouble.

The Maker tries to teach us to resist these urges…to aim for what is good…to bend our will to His…but we often resist.

 Life Lesson #2 – We all have willful hearts…but the Maker loves us still.









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