Life Lessons from Scruffy-4


Life Lessons from Scruffy- 4



When people look at you…what do they see? Do they see a strong, confident person, who is well turned out? Or do they see a Miss Messy or Mr. Mussedup who looks like they just rolled out of bed?

 Well…we all know that whatever outward appearance we show to those around us…it seldom fully reflects the inward person. That inward space…is our personal perception of ourselves that we seldom show to the world. Why don’t we show this? I think that most of us are afraid to reveal what we are really like on the inside…afraid of what people might think…afraid of how it will impact relationships…perhaps even jobs or our futures…so we hide it behind our chosen mask.

 Well, Scruffy…the curious, willful leader of the Scruffkids…the terror of the barnyard and renowned trouble maker…was afraid on the inside. He had begun to realize that Mama, Papa and Billyboy might not like him anymore because of his antics…that the other barnyard critters despised him for the trouble that he had caused…that no one really, really loved him, or so he though. Alone and lost…he despaired!

 We live in a world full of people like Scruffy…children that feel unloved…adults that feel that way, too. But here is the Good News of Scruffy Finds His Way

God loves us…no matter what we do!

God’s love is unending and unfailing!

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Son, that whosoever believes in Him…shall not perish”

John 3:16

 Life Lesson # 4 – we are all loved!


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