Disasters, bring about change

Disasters, bring about change

Hi Everyone;

I went out a few mornings ago for my regular early morning prayer walk and as I walked I noticed these two trees, growing side by side along my path. I pondered why one tree was tall and straight while the tree right next two it was twisted and misshapen.

Both trees were reaching up to the sky for light, both were fairly tall, both were deep rooted and strong, yet something had obviously happened to the twisted tree to make it take a different route to reach the sky. But what?? Well, I suppose I will never know…but it got me thinking about life.

No two people travel exactly the same path in life. Each of us have events in our lives that change us. Sometimes wonderful events, like love and marriage or amazing accomplishments at school or work or sometimes disasters…troubles.  Sometimes events are by choice and sometimes they just happen to us (or seem to), but whatever the cause, these moments in life shape us…like this tree was shaped.

God says in His Word, that He is “in” the events of our lives and that He uses these events for good, for those who love Him. Romans 8:28. Hmmm, all events? Yep, that’s what He says. Lots of us have gone through catastrophic, even ugly events in life, surely God doesn’t mean those? I think that He does. He knows the beginning of our stories and the end and everything in between. He sees what we do not see and asks us to trust Him to carry us through the nasties of life…will you trust Him? I do.

See you next time, Lynn

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